Hip Hop Vinyasa | Midland

By Vital Beat

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Vital Beat Studio - 2/9 Padbury Terrace
Midland - 6056 - AU-WA



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Like it energetic? Great, so do we 😉 We start off with a little RnB to ease you in, and then as you start to heat up, we crank up the booty shakin’ bass bumpin' beats! We join a series of postures to create sequences of flow, matching our breath to our movement & generating heat in the body, and finally winding down into gentle stretch and savasana. From Biggie to Beyonce, Kanye to Kendrick, and Drake to the A$AP crew, your yoga practice comes with swag. Class is All Levels however some fitness is recommended. This is a dynamic class with a faster pace than Slow Jamz.

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