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Wellness coaching only. 

Do you want to lose unwanted weight? Regain your confidence and implement healthy sustainable habits?

Wellness coaching is ideal for women who may be starting their health & wellbeing journey OR those who are already exercising and are looking for some further support in order to help them reach their goals and implement healthy sustainable habits.

As opposed to a traditional coaching call, we will meet at agreed location and will walk whilst having coaching session. There are many benefits of being out in nature, however, incorporating physical exercise into coaching helps clients to burn additional calories which assist in their weight loss goals.

If you are looking to make long lasting changes and transform your life, I can give you a supportive, encouraging environment, as well as deliver accountability, inspiration and motivation.
Providing you with a manageable step by step plan to help you reach your goals, empowering you to create more significant changes than you are likely to be able to achieve on your own.

If you are fed up and disheartened not getting the results you want, please get in touch!

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